Tell Me Something About Yourself

Well I'm attractive on the outside but I have so many demons in life that I think my soul is as black as midnight. Its really hard to love me if you really know just how tainted my soul really is. I will never trust anyone not to leave my ass in the dirt at some point in my foolish stupid life that I have lived. It is honestly so fucking hard for me to show people who I really am in life to a point that I honestly rely on this account to do so. I carry a shit tonne of guilt about what I should have or could have been in my life to those that that I don't know. It was my hope that maybe when I first posted here that I could have impacted another's life that was the same as mine in a positive manner and I'm not sure if I ever really gave good advice to those that have asked questions. If I call you a "true friend" I honestly mean that I consider you as my real family even though I would never ever tell you that in real life. I'm into rock music, gaming, outdoor things, and even though I don't have the talent I enjoy other artistic talent (this is drawing, writing, and painting).

See when I say some of use are damaged I mean what I say. That doesn't mean you can't learn from us though.

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