Tell me the story of why you left your static

Stormblood just hit, found new static. I was the static's only healer and the pug healer I swear to god was always a different SCH who thought it was cool to dps 4/5ths the fight without asking me about it. I actually got 99th healing percentile 2nd week cause I had this SCH who even though he kept fucking dying on the clear still tried to commit to DPS :/

That stressed me out as it was since we never could find another static healer/idk if they even tried, but then the leader was just a red flag for me. o1 + 2 were fine, but 3 just was a nightmare. Dude kept wanting us to commit to optimized strats that required team coordination during the aoe swaps, which was a tough but doable thing when 2-3 of the part aren't always someone new. He'd insist we do it, lose his temper when people fucked up or ran from the boss to give space, and then couldn't figure out why we were struggling with the first phase. But if the dude messed up, he'd laugh it off like "oopsies!"

I basically knew it was time to bail when someone joined and posted a common jp position macro for people to call their spots and the leader guy just lost it and went off on the dude how that's not the way they do it and if he's going to join his part finder listing he has no right to tell us how to do the positioning. Like I genuinely just didn't wanna be associated with that kinda person and be known as someone who rolls with them lol

Left once IRL stressful stuff made me realize "I need to just eliminate this from my life," went back a month later in and pug cleared o3s in less than a week's effort without that optimal positioning strat lol

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