Tell me your bi-cuck stories. Times you ate his load, or took his cock, and she got off to it.

For me the nearest to bi-cucking was with a former girlfriend. We were staying at a hotel and I arranged for an erotic masseur to visit our room. Girl and I got pissed and made out before he arrived and, when he arrived, we were both nude. She didn’t blink when I opened the door nude to him. He went and changed in the bathroom into shorts and T shirt.

He began the massage with her. She lay naked on her front on the double bed with her eyes closed. As he worked he looked across to me for further instructions. I sat there with a massive hard-on. After a while, I nodded to him to take off his T shirt. He worked her body with many sensual moves. When he had gone down her back and legs from top to bottom, he asked her to turn over and she saw he only had his shorts on and it was pretty clear what was in them. She turned over and she lay naked in front of him with her eyes closed. At that point I indicated to him to slip his shorts down. He checked I meant it and then did so, so that he too was butt naked. He had a nice cock. He got right onto the bed between us and worked up her legs and up her body, easily making sure she realised he was nude, as he pressed flesh not material against her side. He didn't touch her pussy but was obviously looking at it, as he had moved her legs well apart. She knew that. Then he worked slowly up her body to her shoulders and then – with many nods from me – he moved his hands onto her tits. She let him and he massaged them for quite a long time and she was fine with it, lying there with her eyes closed and pushing up her chest. He then worked down her stomach, to her pubic mound. He massaged around it for a while and then his fingers moved to her pussy. At that point she told him to stop, not crossly but just because that where she wanted to end. She opened her eyes and looked at him fully naked.

He then got off the bed and walked round and started massaging me. She stayed on the bed, resting and sort of watching and not watching. Soon he had massaged my back and he pulled me onto my side, facing her. He then lay down behind me, spooning me. His cock was of course erect and he pressed it against my arse (but didn’t enter). The bed rocked as he 'worked' and she (she, not he) said ambiguously ‘You need to press harder, make sure he gets a good service’. ‘I am pressing as hard as I can’ he replied. ‘Well, do it harder. He needs a good firm one.’ she giggled and he humped away behind me. I didn’t in fact let him enter but it was close. He then turned me onto my back and I showed both of them my fully erect cock.

At this point she diplomatically went to the bathroom. Straightaway he moved over and squatted on the pillow and I turned to look at him and he shoved his cock into my mouth. It was good and I was deliberately still sucking it when she came back out.

‘Oh Good Lord’ she exclaimed, shocked but turned on. ‘Have you ever seen two guys having gay sex?’ he asked her.
‘No,’ she replied, ‘and I don’t intend to start now’ she said very primly, and burst out laughing ‘God, I sound like a maiden aunt, don’t I? Carry on, if that’s what turns you on. I don’t care.’

We did so for a few more minutes in front of her and then shortly after that she whispered in my ear to get him to go. I then had some explaining to do to her, but she was turned on as she listened.

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