Tell us your story about the "weird" guy in your gym, past or present.

Guy came in the gym I go too, (my dad trained goju and jiu jitsu along time ago with a guy we knew he has stopped teaching now but I came to class with my dad when I was younger before he stopped) but anyways the guy says he trained goju ryu and jiu jitsu 13 years ago and then goes on to say he’s from the same area the guy who taught my dad was from and I started thinking well that’s weird. (It gets weirder trust me) he then told one of the instructors he knew someone that trains here and when the instructor asked him who he just changed the conversation. I thought maybe he knew me somehow and trained with the guy we knew at some point. Anyways I get on the mat and end up partnering with him I wanted to ask him some questions but before I could we start drilling techniques and he goes way too hard but you could tell he may have trained before. Well I just kinda went along with it and went hard on him too hoping he would slow down and my arm popped and he said I’m sorry man but continued doing it. We move on to some more techniques and same thing he’s still going hard so I go ruff on him hoping he would slow down didn’t work. also the guy had horrible technique. so I started being easy on him just using technique and was just doing techniques on him with no effort while he was trying to kill me. I eventually say just calm down after being being bruised up by the guy and he starts saying he’s nervous and really high right now. (I’m thinking is this even real) then I noticed he smelled like weed all over. Fast forward after finishing class with him trying to kill me the whole time and doing the (I’m sorry man) to cover up him being a jerk I say bye to him and never shows back up…. weird.

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