Telling my strict parents about my serious relationship

I just asked how to tell my parents. thats it. Im sure theyll disagree but this is the future i want. I have no support from my own family, but our friends are supportive of us and hes told his mom about me and theyre fine with it, although i havent met them, they just know i exist. Its really hard to buy a house here, i mean people could work for 10years and still not be able to afford a good home thats healthy for growth. My parents are just overly protective and i guess if i tell them im going out with my long term boyfriend who is willing to meet them then.. maybe theyll be a lil more chill bout us going out. Or i wont have to keep lying to them that im going out with the girls..

The only problem theyll have with him is his job, which he has other options aswell, but that will include him working with a family member, he wants to try it out on his own first then if it goes south sure hell go work with them if he has to

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