TELUS Wi-Fi Hub and Booster discs ( Starter Pack) Wi-Fi is slow when boosters are used.

Were you able to figure this out? I just replaced my T3200 with the Telus Wifi Hub and I am having the same issues as you. When I had the T3200, I disabled the Wifi on it and only used the boosters for signal. I was able to hit 400-500 mbps similar to when I was connected to 5Ghz on the T3200. So the boosters are capable.

Fast forward to the Wifi Hub, I noticed I would get 120-130 mbps like you when connected to 5Ghz-Low (Channel 36). When I connect to the Wifi Hub on channel 149 (5Ghz-High), I would be back up to 400 mbps. I tried to disable 5Ghz-Low on the router, thinking it would sync the settings back to the boosters, it wouldn't work and the 5Ghz-Low signal still exists on the boosters (checked with Wifi analyzer). If I were to connect to the Wifi Hub directly, my speeds would be great. However, I have a booster sitting next to me that's still running at 5Ghz-Low even though I disabled it in the router settings. I also can't connect directly to the boosters anymore thanks to the Wifi Hub. Pretty annoying.

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