Ten scientific reasons in support of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Ok but if it's tiny aerosols then normal cloth masks or anything short of an N95 are largely ineffective at stopping any spread. Sure I get the point. People will make like, "a mask can mitigate and disperse aerosols, and anything helps"

But if it's true that the most tiny of aerosols can have enough viral load to catch the virus. These particles are passing right through that mask. Right thru like nothing. Any dispersion from cloth is a joke at best for stopping aerosols. That's why you can breath in one. You can't then say, well any bit is helpful, if it's akin to pouring a pools worth of water thru a strainer.

Even further on this reasoning. The aerosols are hanging around in the air for way longer too. And cloth masks will not really do anything if you're constantly walking thru clouds of viral load everywhere you go. (I guess I'm referring to big cities)

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