Tenants at an apartment decided to help out a loyal cleaning woman who was hit hard during the pandemic. They were able to pay for her lease for 2 years.

This is awesome! Everytime I see a moment like this it reminds me of my nightmare of one. I had a big group of friends. My first year out of Highschool, most were into stuff, drinking or drugs. My mom was the lady who bailed people out of jail, gave people a couch to sleep on, food or whatever else, everyone loved her, she was always there for everyone, we basically always had someone in the spare room.

She had a POS Oldsmobile that'd been wrecked but she still drove it, alot of times to shuttle these bums around. I'd decided to get everyone together and get her something newer. Probably 15-20 of my old friends were all for it, I was like "$20 if thats all you can do thats great! If you can do more it'd be appreciated." So time comes to collect some money and only two people contribute, all others have some excuse. I go the route of a loan, I've got a decent job and put $1500 down, it was like $8k for the car. I needed a co-signer, I was 19, so I told my oldest brother about what I was doing and asked him to co-sign, he agreed, and added $100 to the down payment. Time comes to give her the car and he'd beaten me & my two friends who contributed to the house in her new car, and already brought her out. Basically took the credit. I paid it off, built myself some credit and got a better group of friends, never said anything to my mom.

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