Tennessee Rep. Justin Jones tried to enter the chamber carrying a child sized casket today.

Enact change on behalf of the people you represent. That’s it. When you let emotions get the better of you and make it personal or attach other issues that take away from the main focus, you have foolishly squandered another opportunity by your behavior. You don’t win over people whose votes we need by stopping the process of government. It makes you look like those on January 6.

Because tonight there’s no story anymore when you go to The NY Times home page. And a lot of what’s left indexed on Google is your bullhorn bit, the other actions in front of cameras, political op-eds, and your comments on race and Trayvon Martin. What the hell does that have to do with what we’re trying to accomplish in terms of gun control? That narrative and behavior is why it’s out of the national news cycle already - INSTEAD OF HONORING THE VICTIMS. That narrative is limited to more local/regional, and the people who are honestly considering shifting their views on gun control? Pink casket pricing is now rendering when your name is searched.

The Dem PR agency in charge of TN and that region should be fired immediately.

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