Teratoma on ovary

I lost my 1st ovary & tube to a 30 cm fluid filled cyst. I had no symptoms that were helpful. I was peeing more often, but I was also trying to drink way more water at the time so it was easily dismissed. I also had a little belly from the size but I thought I was just gaining weight from starting a desk job. I went in for a normal check up and it was found. About 4 years later I had symptoms of frequent urination, bloating, and some pinching feelings on the ovary area. I went to a new doc in my new city and was immediately dismissed (they said it was ovulation pain and refused to do an ultrasound). Symptoms continued but I tried to trust my doctor until 4 months later when I could physically feel the mass in my belly when I pressed down. Found a new doctor, demanded an U/S, they found a big complex cyst blocking ovary and tube on the u/s. I found a fertility specialist who would do the surgery for me. After many weeks of stress, tears, etc. I had the surgery and he removed 4 dermoid masses off my ovary. Then i came back in after 3 months for a scan to see if he got it all. Due to the complex nature of the cyst he thought it was possible it could regrow because he was conservative with cutting out healthy ovarian tissue. I was clear. 3 months later I had the bloating & pinching feeling. Went back to him, dermoid was regrowing, and he scheduled me for a quick lapro to remove it. Now Im 2 months out from that surgery and just keeping a watchful eye out for more symptoms. My #1 gal is to preserve ovarian function as long as possible. Getting to have a kid would be great too but I'm trying not to get my hopes too high for that after all the damage i've had.

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