Teravainen gets 20th goal for the 1st time in his career.

He lost every single one of those deals. Rundblad barely played here and the Coyotes drafted Christian Dvorak with the 2nd rounder they got from the Blackhawks. Pokka did not play a single shift for the Blackhawks. Throwing in Stephen Johns just to get a minmal return for Sharp is laughable. Giving up 2 round picks for a 40 year old defenseman who had health problems was awful. Giving up Teravainen to get out of 1 more year of Bickell sucked. Panarin has double the amount of points Saad has, I don’t care if he has 2 more years on his contract than Panarin, especially if they’re in rebuild mode. I also don’t care that Saad is “younger” than Panarin by 1 year. Bowman has made some awful trades the last few years and it’s evident this season.

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