TERF sympathizer is a supporter of Neo-Nazi sub /r/transfags. Who'da thunk?

Wow, the assumptions here. Yes, I 100% am transgender and have been a member of the trans community for years.

I am a TERF sympathizer? Really? Based on what? Oh, because I think it's really sad how many people here base their identify on being as close to a caricature of women as possible. They don't even sound trans; they sound like an obsessive transvestites and no one calls that out. No, you just point them in the direction of the nearest HRT mill... Like the post about someone who ejaculates every time they wear women's clothing and it was a huge hugbox of no don't worry that's normal. That's not normal. That cause you have a sexual fetish of dressing in women's clothing. So no, I am not a TERF supporter. I am a stop telling anyone who likes stereotypical "girly" shit to seek transition help immediately supporter.

I am also disgusted by the fact someone here was offering teenagers HRT. What is wrong with some of you? Right, I get cis-oppression that's all that backlash was about.

Then, neo-Nazi supporter? Really? Because I genuinely dislike many in the community and want a place to play out my frustrations that makes me a neo-Nazi supporter? OMG I mean just when I thought it was impossible for you guys to be any more ridiculous in your accusations you pull this one out. Bravo!

Grow up. Stop trying to find trouble around every corner. You violate the rules all the time. It's free speech what they were doing. If you don't like it, stay out.

Speaking of violating the rules - I love the theory I am not trans because I've had an account for 19 hours. It's called a throwaway because I have to worry about one of you radicals trying to dox me like you do everyone else. Like I want to be virtually stalked by a couple idiots who have nothing better to do than cry cis oppression all day.

So again, I am trans, not a TERF sympathizer or neo-Nazi. I am just someone annoyed by the hugbox that is transgender reddit spaces.

Stay out of tran fags and go back to transpassing and trans timelines you can upvote the most angled and bullshit photos, and talk about how much your identity is centered on the dress you're wearing today while you yell at those who accuse you of just reinforcing gender stereotypes.

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