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I would like to resond to a few things you have said.

What are you refeering to with screwing over youtubers? The only thing I can think of that you could be referencing would be when I publicly called out TH for copying my videos from my livestream. I have never screwed any youtuber over. That one situation I was the one who was being screwed over and I made a video about how I wanted it to stop. TH apologized for copying my videos out of my livestream and then I later apologized for name calling him on my livestream after I discovered what he did. I was very aggressive about stopping what he was doing because it was hurting my channel for his own benefit but I don't think anyone would consider me publicly fighting back against a copycat screwing anyone over. Outside of that I have never done anything to any youtuber to screw them. I don't get along with everyone but I would not try to screw a youtuber. Maybe I am confused as to what you mean. Please give me insight.

The mod is an interesting topic. We agreed to keep it non profit from the start. I assembled the group. Half the group wanted donations. I flipped out like a manchild because I had my stupid morals about it and canceled the project. We had been working together in free time for a couple of weeks. No one lost more than 30 hours of work and it was better to break up a group that not see eye to eye on the project. I will stand behind the fact that the group split because of the donation discussion and I will also stand behind the fact that I said to every member before the start we were not taking donations and it was a nonprofit project before they joined the team. I handled it very poorly. I basically did not have the people skills to enforce what we agreed upon with tact and instead lost my shit and told that group to fuck off and threw the project into the bin. I claimed "ownership" because I indeed did form the project and paid for all of our costs out of pocket and did not want them taking donations under the mods name I had promoted on my channel. I allowed them to rename and do their own branch which they quit after I would not promote it and no one would use it. I think what you might have missed is that I was an asshole but I was not wrong. The project was supposed to be nonprofit, i refused to let them collect money off of my promotion, and I did in fact allow them to keep the work but they had to rebrand. I have never made a video on these topics so their is a lot of miss information. I was super rude, cocky, and an asshole but the project breakdown was only due to donations going to certain party members who wanted to cash in and that is all it was about.

Can't really argue about the last point. I was very young and trying very hard to prove myself as young men do. I have worked on it a lot and have stopped being overly competitive.

I wanted to address a few of these points you made. Some of what you said has the right tone but the wrong facts. Asshole? check Thief who screwed others over? Blatantly wrong.

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