[Tess Fowler] Here is Ethan Van Sciver and some of his Comicsgate friends discussing my having cancer being an act of God I deserve. Art Thibert is here too laughing away. THIS is Comicsgate. EVS can lie & put a happy face on his hate movement all he wants but this is who they are.

  1. My wife and I combined make about 90k a year, I think that's middle class, and we had our taxes cut by trump. So idk, I think I'm middle class, but you tell me.

  2. Both mainstream Democrats and Republicans want the strongest world military. Democrats typically want to be able to beat the next strongest power in the world, Republicans want to fight the next two on entirely separate fronts (that was also a democratic position until the Obama administration.) The military is definitely smaller than it has been in the past, during the cold war we had to over 25 aircraft carriers at any given time. Now we have less than half that number. ((I should admit, I 100%agree that we're being scammed by three defense contractors and military, but I understand the argument that we don't have the same amount of firepower we did 35 years ago) )

  3. One of the issues I am fairly right wing on is gun rights. While they might not be after hunting rifles yet, I don't think there's any amount of gun violence that justifies removing the populace's legal weapons. I want the cops to know when they approach the door they might not come home, so they might think twice before enforcing a fascist policy.

  4. It doesn't really matter who's right down the road. I tend to think there's been a gradual left wing drift since the 19th century, but historically that doesn't really matter. The Greco-Roman world was viewed as sinful in the middle ages, but today we don't think that's the case.

  5. I meant more like going to church, or eating meat, or celebrating Columbus day if you're Italian than I did those morons with Confederate flags.

I'm just saying that I don't think most non-rich Republicans are all hateful people or out to hurt other Americans.

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