Tess and Shane

I'm apologize but I do not like Shane and Tess together. I understand that Kate and Jamie have a friendship offscreen however onscreen it doesn't translate at all. I literally see no spark, no fire, nothing.

One thing the L word does right is showcase chemistry and passion between the characters. Even with ships that I don't necessarily enjoy like Helena & Dylan. I saw that spark.

In Gen Q, the few ladies Shane has been with such as Lena or that flight attendant I saw some actual, discernible passion.

With Shane and Tess, what is there? I barely see a friendship, yet these writers and the actors are trying to tell me that there are some great big ship? Shane has more chemistry with Bette than Tess! I honestly hate their storyline. And I am sad that they are going in this direction. Sorry for the long rant.

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