In ~5 hours, one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament, Team Snake vs MVP Black will be happening at OGN, casted by Wolf & mOOnGlaDe. OGNglobal Twitch @ 13:00 KST (04:00 UTC).


During the drawing of Heroes Super League, Team Snake and MVP Black both picked each other as the team they want to fight the most. Team Snake saying "we want revenge for getting Zeratul banned" in Storm League tournament which forbid them from taking one of their key heroes and was the only tournament that Snake wasn't able to get 1st place. It's been awhile since the two teams fought each other, and a lot has changed since then especially on the side of MVP Black that had roster changes with MVP Sky. While this isn't necessary a crucial match considering the both teams will most likely be able to advance to the next round, but it is an important match that will set the tone of how the Quarter Finals will go.

Team Snake - "we want revenge for getting Zeratul banned".

  • Players: MongD, Oreoman, Ttsst, Kong, Kinnu
  • Specialty: Team fighting. Oreoman's Zeratul, Butcher, Leoric and Nova(?).

In Heroes Super League, there are currently two Korean teams that are sponsored by Chinese organizations: Team Snake and Team DK. Originally Team ASD, this group of five players was able to dominate the Chinese scene with ease, taking the crown in Nexus Cup and Gold Heroes League. The only team that was able to take them down was the other Korean team, Team DK, which resulted in Snake's 2nd place finish in Storm League.

Team Snake is most famous for their incredible team fighting prowess, and one can't talk about Snake's team fighting without their play maker, Oreoman (also their youngest player). Considered one of the best Melee-Assassin/Sub-Tanker in Asia, Oreoman is known for making incredible plays with almost any hero, whether its Anub'arak, Zeratul, Butcher or Leoric. It's not an exaggeration to say Team Snake lives and dies by Oreoman, as there are times when his high-risk-high-return style of plays end up throwing the game big time. Fortunately, Oreoman tends to carry more than he throws.

Things weren't always bright though. Oreoman first made his name in the Korean community as the most toxic Nova player in KR for his heavy harassments and abuses to fellow players. His bad behavior was even enough to get his team banned from HTL tournament (Heroes Team League), and the team considered disbanding at one point. However, under the guidance of team leader Kinnu, they were able to stick together and Oreoman was able to part with his old ways (apparently he even plays with the Enter key removed). There are still many people in the community who are mad about Oreoman's acts in the past (and controversies about him not giving an official apology yet).

MVP Black - the Korean Pride

  • Players: KyoCha, Sign, Sake, Lockdown, Merryday
  • Specialty: Wide pool of heroes&composition. Use of non-meta heroes such as Sonya & Thrall.

MVP Black is a team known for their wide inventory of strategies and hero composition. They are a team that embraces Blizzard's design goal of "picking different talents based on your strategy". From Superiority ETC to Frostbolt Jaina to

The Great Unknown - Monk Patch

My Predictions: I'd guess a 3-1 in favor of Team Snake. Should be a pretty close game.


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