What is a King to a God? aka KtG Priest aka Reverend Lock & Load

This is a variant of a deck that I got rekttoosoon on ladder yesterday that got me excited for priest BRM decks. It is always satisfying putting together 24 damage from any deck, let alone one that isn't usually about burst, on turn 8 nonetheless. Indulge me and I will show you why you must confess your sins to Lord-Reverend Anduin and pray at the Altar of the OTK!

  • Guts/Decklist: This deck has 3 main mechanics, Draw-engine, Board Control/AoE, and Combo-assembly which allow a relatively consistent late-game burst. You only require 1 ET proc if u have the combo in hand as well as a Velen's Chosen. Most times 1 proc is enough if u have 2/3 of the combo. Also, you don't NEED the full combo each time, as priest your life-total is high enough where you can still push immense damage to face each turn while healing out. This is why there are 3 draw-mechanics: Loot-hoarder, Acolyte, and Cleric. For Board Control/AoE, the classic Auchenai-Circle is what I rely on most, however MCT helps with Aggro as well as having 2 Deathlords. Combo-assembly requires Emperor Thaurissan to be played as soon as Velen and at least 1 Mind-blast is in play, however it is ideal to have the 3 cards in hand.
  • Tech: Deathlords are available as our much needed damage sponge mid-game. As previously stated, our card-draw minions pull our combo but also help establish some board presence. Velen's Chosen boosts the Mind Blasts and Holy Fires to 12 damage each once the Velen has been brought out.
  • Combos/Synergy: Velen's Chosen - Emperor (Once Velen, x2 Mindblast in hand) - Velen/x2 Mindblast = 24 damage OTK with lock & load Emperor.
  • Discussion:This deck deceptively curves out as a mostly vanilla control priest sans mindcontrol/deck stealing mechanics. I normally find priest boring as/vs but with every draw I get excited for dropping ET turn 6/7. Then turn 8 loading 24 damage to the face with Velen/Mindblasts. Also, it is not wrong to use velens chosen on Acolyte or Cleric to push damage/trade. Also, using Holy Fire to remove troublesome minions or prepare the enemy's face for the combo is appropriate.
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