Test coin flip

First, the non-tower stuff:

  • Diffusion Ray - Frontal cone aoe, does damage and applies a removable bleed debuff. Coordinate which healer is removing it. Deals Magic damage.
  • Homing Missile - Yellow tether connecting to the boss and a random non-MT player. Have one player (typically OT if you have one, bard or ninja if you don't) stand between the boss and the player so that the yellow beam jumps to them, then they run out of the group to recieve the aoe from a safe distance. Happens every 40 seconds, so they'll need heals. Deals Slashing damage.
  • Gaseous Bomb - Targets one person with a vertical beam from the sky, then deals a large amount of damage split among the people it hits. Split 7 ways, it'll probably be in the 300-800 range. Cure 3 if it's looking dangerous, otherwise let the fairy heal people up. Deals Magic (Fire) damage.
  • Ballistic Missile - Targets two random non-MT players, binds them, and puts a large or small circle on the ground below them. About ten seconds later, anyone in any circle will be killed if the mechanic is failed.

To pass it, there must be two people in each small circle, and three people in each large circle. Bound people count towards this total. If everyone is stacked correctly, what this functionally means is that everyone runs out that isn't bound inside the circles. If they're small circles, the two bound people are inside both circles, so they'll live. If there's two large circles, one person runs into both, bringing the total in each to three. If there's one small and one large, one person runs into the outside edge of the large circle, so as to avoid the inner small circle. The small circle has the two bound people, the large circle has those two plus the extra on the edge, so the mechanic is passed.

This is typically handled by having three people marked with numbers 1, 2, and 3, and the player with the lowest number who is unaffected by the bind runs into any large circles while everyone else runs out.

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