Tether Suspicion is not “FUD”

The real thing that make me mad here is the stupid people using USDT then complaining about USDT not having their tokens fully backed, like what the fuck dude your paper money isn't even backed by shit, for me Tether and a real USD are the same shit now.

USD is backed by the United States Government. Do you honestly not see the difference between a currency issued by a global superpower, and a currency issued by a private company that has not been audited?

I hope you just said that for hyperbole, and aren't actually so confused that you believe it to be true.

(they only have like 5% of total money liquid and they can print shittons of money they don't own, whenever they want).

Yes, this is called fractional reserve banking. There are laws that regulate how much capital a bank must hold in reserve. They can not "print shittons of money whenever they want". I suspect you are confusing fractional reserve banking with quantitative easing.

Tether is not doing fractional reserve banking. They say they have 100% of the capital required to back the outstanding USDT, and they they will redeem each USDT for on USD.

Again, do you honestly not see the difference between these two things? They are very, very different.

These kinds of posts make me even more fearful for Tether - a lot of its proponents are ignorant of some very basic financial concepts.

/u/Franco92S - please learn a bit more about the situation before telling everyone there is nothing to worry about. Just because you don't understand the problem, it does not mean it does not exist.

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