Texas is currently dead last among all 50 states in Coronavirus testing rate (tests/1M pop)

Funny you say that. Currently there’s a myriad of reasons why isn’t being done well. I work in a large university hospital center and also have friends who are working in urgent cares. Those were trying to do the testing in urgent care and clinic settings are meeting a lot of pushback from the communities they’re testing in making it almost impossible to do it. It doesn’t sound like it was doing it intentionally but the fear makes for irrational decision making. The counties have a lot of unreasonable demands that often don’t align with the things being done at the state level. It’s incredible what a nightmare it has been for some of them. In addition a lot of the clinic and urgent care settings are having difficulty affording the test. They have to have the cash up front to buy the test but insurance might not reimburse them for a couple of months. It’s difficult for any business to survive that kind of cash drought. Especially with patient visits already at an all time low across the country.

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