Texas father gunned down in Chuck E. Cheese parking lot while bringing in daughter’s birthday cake

I was just pointing out instead of "throwing out" statements like the US is the richest nation - just know your facts.

I mentioned the homicide rate as a better statistic to look at than "gun deaths"

Gun deaths per capita (2016) U.S. was at 10.6

Homicide (intentional) 2018 - U.S. - 5.0

If you want to say it's worse in some 3rd world countries - I guess that's fine, but it's obvious you don't even know what a 3rd world country technically is (FYI, it was a political term, not an economic term originally) -

If you want to be anit-gun - I'm really ok with that - as long as someone can bring a useful argument and just back it up with facts, not generalizations. Actually look at the facts that either side is presenting.

There's a lot of difference between the gun death rate of 10.6, and a homicide rate of 5.0 (which includes all weapons by the way probably...including fists)...so let's say 80% of those are gun related - so the homicide rate in the U.S. with guns is around 4.0. And I would also estimate 75% of that is gang/drug/crime related. Which leaves you about a 1.0 in 100,000 chance of getting killed by someone with a firearm that isn't in a gang, on drugs, in poverty mentally ill, or caught you sleeping with their wife.

If we can come together and work on those problems, less people will be killed by guns. The guns aren't the problem - the problems are the problem.

The point I'm trying to make (and that I originally called you out on) is people make arguments based on feelings and generalizations, not facts....sorry, I don't have any specific data to back that last claim.

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