[Texas] Fired for "sexual harassment" without evidence.

Ok thanks. If they had said work ethic or any other subjective reason I wouldn't be complaining but it just seems sketchy. If they give the reason of sexual harassment as opposed to "quality of work" does that mean they wouldn't have to pay unemployment?

I talked to a coworker and she said what she heard from management was it was because of my work ethic. But I'm known to be a hard worker there and she was confused, even more so when I told her what they told me.

One of the assistant managers is an aggressive feminist so just existing as a straight white male could be reason enough to be fired for her. Apparently she wanted me out after the first month but the other managers voted to keep me. I improved a lot and everyone was impressed with how I was taking to the job so maybe when she realized I wasn't going to get fired for performance she made something up.

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