Texas friends, how can we support you?

I'm fine for now, but for several days I lost access to water and for a time lost power. Individually those problems could be dealt, but with all of that together was a scary time. There was a moment where I was cold with no power, and running low on food and water.

Now I'm fine, and I have food and water. That whole experience put things into perspective at least. Life really can be taken away in any moment, and I think it helped me think about my priorities and I want most in life. It wasn't a positive experience, and I don't want it to come across like that, but it did force me to be introspective and think about many uncertainties I had. Right now I'm going to bed, and I really hope this moment can be used to improve the infrastructure in the future, because this can't be a sustainable system with how many lives were lost.

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