Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Approval Plummets as 52 Percent Believe State Is on Wrong Track

You'd need Trump to go on live TV and tell them these words in order to sway them away. (Some of these words have more than two syllables, so it's hard to imagine him saying this tbh)

"To my supporters and all Republicans, the wealthy have been using your Christian beliefs to herd you like mindless cattle for decades. No one at my level of power and wealth even remotely believes in god, but we lie to your faces in order to control you like puppets. To us, you're saps. Suckers. We rob you blind, we spank you... hard, and you beg us for more.

Unfortunately, as your Christian beliefs evolve beyond compassion and empathy to pure unadulterated rage, our ability to manipulate the monster we've created ha become troublesome. That is why we decided to cull the herd. A hail mary play, in which we used your anti-science beliefs and an opportunistic virus in order have you essentially execute yourselves in droves, voluntarily.

We recognize that this won't solve the problem, but it will make your threats marginally less terrifying as you begin to turn against the political elite."

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