Texas gunman who killed seven had previously failed background check for firearm

An aquaintance of mine went for a run found a lady on the trailhead, and said hi (as we do in our state). Lady freaked out, he started his run, he hears a gunshot behind him.

Turns out, lady had a concealed carry piece, and probably thought that the Mexican evil man was there to rape her and steal her subaru. Can't blame a girl for being safe rigt? She freaks out and tries to tal to him "I am SO, sorry, like omg, it was SUCH an accident!" He ran away and called the cops.

Now you could argue: you weren't there, he might look like a BAD Mexican, etc, etc.

The cops didn't enforce shit: it was an accident, be nice next time ok?

Fun twist: guy is a fucking volunteering star, politician and elected o-ffi-cial! I hope something comes out of this, but I doubt it.

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