Texas lawmakers approve safe gun storage program despite NRA

I'm pretty unsatisfied by the AP here - there's no link to the actual text of the bill, a snippet of the relevant sections, or even a synopsis published by the legislative body that passed it.

Initially, I'm in support of what sounds like a legitimate effort to educate everyone on the risks associated with unsecured guns. Teaching people good risk management skills is a great place for government intervention, and can be implemented in several ways that the NRA shouldn't have reason to oppose.

The fact that the NRA opposes this suggests to me that there's more in this bill than the AP has reported, and that really concerns me *because they gave me no good way to do my own research. * Good journalism requires good sourcing so that even if a media outlet has a spin, the readers can follow up on their own and look at the objective facts that lead to the story. When a trusted name like AP fails to live up to that standard, they are leaving space for "alternative facts" on less reputable outlets to confuse the conversation.

This obviously doesn't rise even close to the level of "fake news", but this is exactly the lack of discipline in modern journalism that has lead to distrust of mainstream media outlets.

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