Texas Tech Health Sciences Center agrees to stop using race in medical school admissions

I understand why people are agreeing with this and I see both sides of the argument. But keep in mind in the 1950s/1960s which isn’t so long ago, there were black applicants ( someone even posted a screenshot of a letter) getting rejected simply based on the color of their skin. There are biases and stereotypes ingrained in the whole American education system from the elementary level to the graduate level. If you cant address those issues realistically, a group will always be fucked. If the education system doesn’t put us on an equal footing from the day we enter the system, I don’t get why people are surprised when race and all these other factors are used in medical school admissions. Equity and equality should exist on levels of education. Don’t ask for it now because you feel it’s keeping you out of medical school while things like AA is “helping” some people get in.

I do agree that SES should be considered more than it is right now. That’s one thing med schools really need to work on. Graduate schools in general actually. The cost of applying is high as hell and all groups are affected by that regardless fo race if you are economically disadvantaged.

Let’s just not take out our anger/issues on URM students. They did not set the rules nor did they implement them. If the country as a whole wants to preach equality and fairness but there are tons of evidence that our government indeed isn’t not equal or fair to everyone especially on the basis of race and SES.

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