Text deals 10/27 - 11/2

In their defense, they did make it right though, and charged me less than the prices posted on their website, minus the additional 40% off. Not sure if the website just has the price wrong or what the story there is but their website lists Cherp at $60/eighth, yet they only charged it as $55 (minus an additional $22), and also the website lists Mango Kush at $110/quarter, yet they only charged me $100 (minus an additional $40).

However, the Cherp is old and dry with shitty amateur trimming harvested in May. There's medium sized stems on almost every bud. And the Mango Kush, while harvested in July and a bit fresher than the Cherp, half the buds in the quarter are sorry looking popcorn also with lots of stems. I've had MK tons of times in the past and this is probably one of the worst batches I've gotten.

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