Text reveals Subway's Jared paid 16-year-old for sex

So no driving, no voting, no signing loans, no getting married, to buying a house, no nothing until your 25, because according to you they are still children....yea that's totally logical.

From a separate comment you made.

It blows my mind how out of touch with reality the people in this shithole are.

Coming from the person that want to strip LEGAL ADULTS of their rights and classify them as children until they are 25, and you are calling other people out of touch with reality. Have you lost your damn mind?

And oh hey I see your a fan of using straw-man arguments so I'll give it a go. I know lots of incredibly immature 30+ year olds, I guess they don't get any rights either because they must not be fully mature yet. And hey look at that recent research from Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London has shown the brains continues to develop and is not fully developed until people are well into their 30's and 40's. You hear that everyone you are not an adult until you are 40. No voting or loans or marriages or legal contracts because your "not fully developed"

For being such a fucking fan of neuroscience your understanding of it is insanely slim. In neuroscience mature means it is no longer developing/changing....that's it. It does not mean you are incapable of logical rational though and being self sufficient.

Call out a 37 year old for sleeping with a 16 year old all you want b/c that is creepy as shit, but to even try and say that people should be considered as children incapable of self determination until they are 25 or 30 is both asinine and so fucking out of touch with reality I wonder how you function. Not even the neuroscientists studying this are advocating that.

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