The TF2 community is literally going through a midlife crisis.

I don't know what people are crying about...

Borderlands The Pre-sequel got it's DLC out yesterday, for 10 bucks. I've watched a livestream of that DLC, and let me tell you that DLC costs as much as any other DLC in Bordelrands 2 and all it could offer was even less than what we have gotten in EOTL update.: 6 weapons 75% of it is useless, one of them literarly kills you if you use it.... 1 map which doest synchronise with the amount of enemies the game spawns so you find yourself running around searching for enemies rather than the opposite. They have promised to fix one main problem in the game which is that bosses don't respawn, all they did is put one boss in that DLC 3 times and that's all. Not even new music for the area, barely any lines were recorded all of them feels cut in half.

So for EOTL. I though too that it was a ripoff, but now as a Borderlands fan myself feel like this update neither how Valve treats us isn't that bad. They don't expect you to pay them a fortune. Sure you could only participate if you baught the duck either from trading or from off the mann co store itself, but even then you knew what you'll get.

This game is not dying people.. old players leaves just like in any other game at one particular time the game can't offer that much fun as it used to be because they have experienced those situations waht the game can offer already, so they move on or take a break. New people will come, yeah maybe they are youngsters, under aged but when I started to play the game I was 15 too, not that old, it's been 5 years since I've been playing and even I take a month or two breaks occasionally to still enjoy the game when I come back.

As long as Valve makes us the basic events like Halloween, Christmas there's nothing to worry about since the game won't die.

Just think about COD, It costs 60 bucks for the game alone, and people thinks that the majoraty of the playerbase is kids. Yet a lot of middle aged and mature people playing the game too, some of them are veterans in the game. The thing is that only the kids are the ones who makes themselves know the most for being hysterical, crying, annyoing whatever they do there, and people makes the assumption that that game is filed with them.

Now the situation is just like this here, there is like 20% of the playerbase who is crying that TF2 will die soon because we don't get new weapons. The rest of the community just don'T care about these people, yet other people who are not informed enough will belive that this game is coming to an end.

Why do we need new weapons so bad anyways? Stocks are usually are the best, having a side variation which will be banned from competitive doen't make any changes. Sure you can have a new model in the game, maybe a new taunt if Valve tries really hard but other than that those weapons will be forgotten really soon.

Remember LnW? Everyone was soo hyped for new weapons Oh! a new scattergun it looks awesome wow if can minicrit it'll fun as hell! Same for the Air stirke and so on. Yet I find only a few people actually using them, because casual players will always stick to the most powerful weapons to play pubs and more serious people will stick to the weapons they have got used to use.

I would be more happy, if I'd get a direct hit reskin, or a gunboats reskin for my solly, a degreaser reskin or something, because that has less chance to fuck up my playstyle what I've gotten used to yet gives me a new feeling for using a gun different looking than what I used to use.

Sure you can say that it's the lazy move, yet more people are using AWPer hands or Originals than for example classics or air strikes and so on.

So don't hate Valve for not giving you items that you will not likely use, you should rather like them for puting items into the game that you actually like and want to use. Let it be miscs or reskins, actual weapons, mechanics, maps or anything.

Maybe we don't get updates as frequently as we used to, but imagine how hard can it be for a handful of people to satisfy around 100-150k people's desires and expectations. It's impossible, and when this happenes there will allways be people complaining for it, and we'll only hear their voice since who is satisfied will be busy enjoying it instead of hating on it.

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