TFW you return to BfA after a long time and this abomination is the first thing you see

Are you taking a shot at me because my mother bought me something nice?

Do I need to valid my life experiences by explaining how we spent my life up to my 20s in poverty, living below minimum wage? How I couldn't have a PC until I was in high school and even then it was a second hand PoS (that caught on fire when I played a dos game lmao)? Would you feel better knowing I spent my teenage years divided between living in a friend's carport with my mother because we were homeless, and living in hospital because I was desperately ill and in so much agony they would sedate me for days. Would it be acceptable for you if explain how it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I could get a job, that I spent years then supporting my mum while she went back to school and started over, finding a new vocation? That I was 28 by the time we finally, finally, started living with average wages?

If my mum wants to buy a goddamn pretty store mount for me for my birthday because she has the money to spare now, in her 50s, to splash out.. Then you know what? Yeah, I'm pretty frickin happy I have that mount.

Bite me.

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