TFW you try to ban Muslims but a court blocks you and you try to ban Muslims again and a court still blocks you, so you try to cut funding to sanctuary cities but another court blocks you so you raise tariffs on Canadian lumber (x-post r/neoliberal).

Despite that fact, your party is fractured and has so much infighting that they're complaining about Democrats holding up legislation. This, considering that Republicans hold the majority. The "winners" are dead in the water.

Tell me, what legislative victories has the Republican president and Republican Congress accomplished in the first 100 days? All he has are shitty Executive Orders which keep getting shot down.

California is better than those shit hole Red states at the bottom of the GDP lists thanks to conservative economic policies.

nice caveat to mention "bottom of the list", why don't you compare California to a red state on a similar level, say Texas? oh yeah, because californians are moving to texas in droves to escape their retarded cesspool of a state and its high taxes, illegal infestation, and ridiculous debt

It'll be Bush from 2000, but worse. I'm enjoying this Republican-led circus show where the "winners" can't accomplish anything. You guys were just as jubilant back then as you are now but your Republican leaders left us with two wars and a recession.

lmao wtf, are you really blaming the CAUSE of the recession on bush? bush had many failures, too many to count, but holy shit that is next level delusion, because we both know who's policies contributed to the recession the most (hint hint, a dem)

Also, 2% of Trump voters already regret their vote. That translates to 120,000 votes, more than the pathetic 80,000 votes that helped Trump win. So in just 100 days, he's lost more than the votes he needs to win re-election [assuming he gets to 2020 knowing that you supported a team of foreign agents].

MUH RUSSIA!!!!!!! didn't that narrative die 2 weeks ago with the syria situation?

holy fuck this level of delusion is insane, its almost palpable

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