[Thamel] List for OSU: Xavier's Chris Mack, Arizona's Sean Miller, Texas Shaka Smart, Cincy Mick Cronin, VT's Buzz Williams, Butler's Chris Holtmann

Just saw your edit. LeBron himself loves OSU athletics so that trumps Richard Jefferson being LeBron's teammate.

Do you actually think Arizona has more recruiting funds than OSU? Maybe at the moment but OSU has more money than they know what to do with. It would not be hard for them to match whatever Arizona is putting into recruiting.

I'm not saying he's clamoring for the job. I'm saying OSU has the resources to steal a high level coach off a P5 like Arizona. OSU can offer double what Arizona could pay. OSU athletics brought in $167 million with a shit basketball program. Arizona brought in $87 million. There is no world in which Arizona could match OSU dollar for dollar.

3 years ago Shaka was never gonna leave VCU. Then Texas came in with their insanely deep pockets and he jumped. Miller is in a better spot (Arizona) than Shaka was but it's not unbelievable that OSU breaks the bank on him. Unlike most of the schools that throw these big names out there OSU has the resources to make things interesting.

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