Thank GOD I don’t make the cut.

I support equal rights. I don’t support people who say I am a sexist misogynist who should be hated for my sex. Also, I’m not eschewing equal rights, I’m eschewing the term feminism. Not being a feminist says nothing about my views on equal rights, it only says how I feel about the current feminist movement.

No one’s asking you to make concessions. We’re asking you stand up enough to make those radical fringes FEEL alienated from feminism. The lack of recourse against those radicals is what has allowed them to grow their voice. There are no big feminist movements trying to fix the image the movement has attained via the radicals. This is the exact same problem conservatives have with the alt-right. Unless you stamp out the fringes, they become louder and louder and soon you’re seen as the enabler of them. That’s an issue feminism has. By not alienating these fringes or disassociating yourselves with them (when was the last time you heard a major feminist group fight back against people saying “yes all men”?), they have become your image. Muslims, for example, make major efforts to show they do not support terrorism (because the majority do not). They go out and volunteer after attacks, make public statements, donate to assistance for the victims. Feminism needs to

Liberals have the SJWs. Conservatives have the Alt-Right. You have the feminazis. Egalitarians, admittedly, also have this problem with the aforementioned “All Lives Matter” contrarians. Fortunately, the egalitarian movement is new, and hopefully that will slowly be stamped out as time goes on. I know others like me who make statements about how being egalitarian isn’t “anti-feminist”, it’s merely “anti-radical feminism”. The movement was born out of wanting to escape a group (feminists) unwilling to stand up against the radicals. I’ve heard ONE important feminist figure alienate the male haters since the 4th wave began in 2012: Emma Watson. As far as I’ve seen, no other large organization is going out of its way to say “we are not associated with them”. You say “our message is about equality” while letting those radical feminists represent you on the streets. If those people were not the poster children for feminism, you bet your ass I’d be a feminist! Instead, I support them with actions, while refusing to utter the name that is laced with such toxic images.

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