Thank you Kendrick Castillo

I checked on my friends and clients in that area who have kiddos in school there and around there. Seriously terrible. I am a Vet, I support self defense, I support the use of guns by force when needed. And please know I am 100% behind gun reform. But... to those parents with guns who don't lock them up: to not explain the carnage that it brings when used against another person is simply setting their kids up for things like this. To the kids, it's no different than a game. They don't understand death. Anger shouldn't be a reason to have a gun, to act tough, and showboat to your children. I see it all the time at the ranges; dad's boasting about their killing power, what they'll romantically do to an intruder or say what they will do to someone that they are upset with.

Kids are sponges. It's so, so, so very important to stress what killing does to you, other people and families. I've been to war. I was a sniper I served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I've seen the dead - friends and enemies. What a bullet riddled corpse looks like at my hand - enemies or not - their deaths we're violent. From the day my kid showed any interest in guns we had Nurf guns to play with. To this very day. My kid knows that you always treat a gun/weapon/toy like it's loaded. He takes it seriously now and I am certain he'd take action during a shooting and this story terrifies me down to my core.

I swore I would meet the enemies overseas to keep them out of our country. Now domestically I have to worry about my kids going to school. This shit needs to end. We need to address this issue while it's still in the back of our minds. Fuck.

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