Thanks for giving us the night off Covid!

No one is going to go years. Absolutely no one. I stuck out quarantine for half the year, falling into a deep depression in a toxic environment and ya know what I learned? I fucking wasted my time. No one took it seriously. The government had their shot to do it right and they picked profits. If the government is a damn joke, no one is taking it seriously, what is the point in isolating myself and obliterating my mental health? That kind of sacrifice is only good when everyone does it. People aren't, and as more time goes on less people are going to. Americans are spoon fed whatever bullshit they see on a TV, and the TV says new normal. I give it until next February until no one takes it seriously. And if no one takes it seriously now and less will then, to hell with it. I'm going to go see my loved ones. Its a risk but we're smart enough to not take other risks. Even just shooting the shit on the back porch is fine, no roller skating or movies or restaurants. I won't leave myself in the dark for a sacrifice that will have no meaning, no impact, and no one will be grateful for. I'm not gonna make a sacrifice for the idiot, ungrateful, judgemental, utter shits I have the sorry excuse of calling 90% of my countrymen anymore. Those damn idiots were told in simple fucking terms and they didn't listen. They can get sick and die. Thats on them. I'm not gonna feel guilty anymore. Part of me feels like we deserve this.

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