The "Thanks for helping me win the title r/fantasybball" thread

This is my first time playing fantasy and really the second season of the NBA I've really followed.

I've really loved it! It really plays into my mood, when I was winning it felt really good and when I was losing (sometimes badly) I was generally not as in good of a mood.

This season started out with some shady draft picks on my part (absolutely no preparation, I had a calculus mid term the day after the draft so I was studying math). With my first draft pick Kevin Love and my last like 6 or 7 picks not very smart (I was going off previous season stats) I ended up playing the waiver wire really well. Thanks to you guys

Coming up to today I have a comfy 5-4 lead on my opponent (who had been first all season while I started out from the bottom and clawed my way up the ranks, including losing 2nd place right before playoffs).

Basically I lost rudy gay for todays game so I was pretty disappointed considering my opponent had harden and irving playing tonight. The main categories I was worried about was 3's and points. even then, I was up 16 3's and around 100 points. I was feeling alright. Then throughout the day his team did this while my team did this. Its easy to say that I was sweating bullets while watching the scoreboard. He currently has barnes and gobert still playing and I have johnson (desperate replacement for gay), DJ, and Casspi (streaming spot that filled a spot for friday and today). so unless barnes gets 5 more 3's I've won my first fantasy season!

Just wanted to thank you guys for all the help and I hope next season I can help people out.

Also shoutout to red rock started listening to the podcast halfway throughout the season and he helped so much!! If you see this, thanks homie.

sorry for the massive post! I'm just super stoked. good luck for everyone else.

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