Thanks, I hate forgiving Jesus

Assyrians are as useless as Armenians, cute that an assyrian wants to teach me about something they hate because his ancestors were too stubborn and hateful against anything that's good for them, just like the Armenians

Nobody knows you guys anymore, the middle east rised with the arab or even islamic nation and they all succeeded and even made history.

Iran rised because of islam Irak rised because of Islam Turket rised because of Islam North africa rised because islam

And they're all countries that accepted islam and made history with either science, geography, math, literature, etc.

What did Assyrians do for the world except complain like the Armenians?

Where are your people now? Besides bitching about the new leaders and making a difference in life, what has Assyrians done to help the world? Absolutely fkn nothing

You're a bunch of losers too inlove with your culture that instead of rising and growing, you guys fell and then blamed the arabs.

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