Thanks to Trump, racist MAGA Karens no longer feel the need to hide their racism

This is just the quiet part out loud. If we could actually poll what's going on in people's heads on how they view black people, I guarantee it would be a clusterfuck. Even in deep blue cities. I WAS one of them. I grew up in San Diego in one of the whiter neighborhoods. Outside of 1 or 2 black kids at school it was pasty white across the board.

Get a bunch of white kids drunk at a party and you get to see what people really think when they assume they are safe. There's a reason why we had to turn in our phones at the door and had strict no-record policies in place. A lot of these people are super lucky we had smart party planners cause a good chunk of them went into politics, law school, and a host of other high paying jobs that would definitely fire them if it ever got out.

I know it's anecdotal, but I really don't think racism toward black people will die with the zoomer/millenial generations.

What made me switch was getting a job here in a place where Half my co-workers are black. It made me see the culture from a completely different light. When you grow up with the media showing you highlights of black crime and music celebrating gangsters in the hood, you just assume blacks are more violent, more chaotic, and ready to go off the rails at any time. Reality is, they are just people living their lives the same way we are, with the same family systems and the same hopes and dreams. They just talk a little different, which I know some people find intimidating since again, everything ebonics in the media tends to be negative.

Unfortunately we can't put everything through black boot camp, so I doubt it will ever stop unless we get a ground-up image change in the media for the entire concept of "black person".

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