That's a dream group

Disclaimer: this looks like a pasta but it isn’t one.

TSM busters out of groups. I’m 23. My fandom for the TSM organization is fanatical, I can admit even surpassing my traditional sports fandom and I’m a huge sports junky. Because esports and League are different, I understand the players and the people motivated and working in the scene and the FANS we’re all gamers. ALL gamers we all grew up with that in common being online and having experiences that shaped us. I fucking love this organization so much and they absolutely shit the god damn fucking bed. They went 1-3 today. They LOST TO EUROPE AND ARE OUT OF WORLDS again in the exact same fashion of last year. I can’t fucking believe it. I can believe it. It’s only been 4 years of me being a fan which isn’t that long time wise and it’s absolutely fucking heart wrenching.

People have memes about TSM fans and flakiness and obnoxiousness but they’re never flaky they just love their team to a fanatical point because they feel so connected like I do. And these diehard fans are in the threads tonight in our own subreddit so fucking distraught and have no words. I follow every single member of the org on twitter not just players but coaches management and staff. I literally pretty much only use Twitter to interact with the TSM org.

I have a degree and am a young professional and have to pick and choose how I spend my time very carefully, as I’m sure we all do. I work full time. I worked from 3-midnight today and put up with so much fucking bullshit at work and stayed up until 4am for the piss poor performance tsm gave to their fans. Sven literally LITERALLY FUCKING FLASHING THE FLAIR WHILE INTING in a world championship qualification game. I put forth real god damn effort to support this team and buy their merch and follow them. I HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED LEAGUE IN 2 YEARS BUT I FOLLOW THE META AND EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF TSM. A slap in the face and extremely disappointing. I’m so fucking sad.

Sorry for the long post. I love Andy, I feel for him too. We’ll see what he does. I need to step away from League and the org for a bit.

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