That's not how you send a YouTube video!


Hello TFTS!
Just a disclaimer: this is my first post on this subreddit, so please bear with me. I am going to refer to my neighbour as myNeighbour (myNeighbour works as a substitute teacher), and the teacher of the class as theTeacher.

So, I just got called over by myNeighbour to help her with some email attachments that seemed to be missing. So I walk over, and I take a good look at her email inbox. myNeighbour received a substitute plan from theTeacher, and the substitute plan mentions playing a video on cupcake creation. I take another look at the substitute plan and the email itself, no link to the video in question. So I tell myNeighbour, that theTeacher did not send a link to said video. So myNeighbour calls up theTeacher. theTeacher says that she will send the video once more. A few minutes later, the email from theTeacher arrives. I open the message, and immediately facepalm.

theTeacher had sent a shortcut file to the video (.URL file), instead of sending the URL of the video itself. Normally, this would not be too much of a pain, (just download the shortcut file, and double click it), but the web application myNeighbour was using to access her email was blocking attachments with the .URL extension. So the only information we had about the video was the name of the shortcut (Vanilla Cupcakes.URL). So I spent around the next few minutes doing some Google searching to find this video. Eventually I find some suitable video, no way to know if it was the video theTeacher had originally intended to display, but it was good enough.

TL;DR: School teacher tries to send YouTube video via email... by attaching the internet shortcut file.

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