thats too bad

Damn, you sound like a real charmer.

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Scientifically proven that being in nature has a myriad of health benefits, not just because of the oxygen you breathe.

Curious, who are you to determine what someone’s “right path” is? It’s not you’re life, so why would you care if crystals make someone happy?

Also, you’re interpretation of things that “do nothing” is pretty absurd and literally, just your interpretation. You obviously equate the value of money in what type of tangible objects it can buy. If people want to use their money to invest in what makes them happy, then let them.

Also, how is someone finding themselves through the use of anything not getting anything in return? That seems to be the most worth while investment one can make and is literally what the whole world does, Exchanging time and money for something in return, and personalI I rather spend mine investing in myself and things that help me find that along the way instead of on something useless that had “monetary value”

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