Theists, how do you explain the presence of evil in the world?

I "give" God immutability - he gives me the freedom to sow as I choose and, in turn, reap the results thereof.

I like reality. I like your freedom to sow a world of horrors every bit as much as I like my freedom to not. They're the same freedom. If you didn't have yours, I wouldn't have mine.

Life isn't a job. There is no evidence of any sort of "assignment" that wasn't conceived, created and sold to people by others in their effort to coerce people into relinquishing their freedom and doing as they're told.

Just because people don't like the way it works doesn't mean it's broken or "wrong" or "evil" or somehow defective. That's like believing cars run on apple juice, filling your tank with it and declaring cars a big, fat defective failure because yours doesn't work. Or like putting one's ideas about reality next to reality itself and declaring everything one doesn't like about reality to be, not a misunderstanding on one's own part or an error in one's ideas about it but, rather, an "error" in reality itself. Like a "defect" in the laws of physics or some sort of "evil" in God or mistake of the creator.

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