Thelastofus2 subreddit in a nutshell

As an active member of both subs (check my posts out). That's pure bs. Thelastofus subreddit spawned TheLastOfUs2 sub because A. They don't want spoilers (which makes sense) and B. Because genuine criticism of the new game (regardless if spoilers are discussed or not) regarding creative choices in the story can result in your posts getting taken down and your profile being potentially banned. I remember I couldn't even critique part 2 even way before the leaks came out, thelastofus sub is like tyranny, where people aren't aloud to have opinions.

Thelastofus2 is a sub with freedom of speech, it's where people can openly express criticism to eachother and feel heard. Yeah there has been so questionable things said and posted but it's better when people can express themselves and cool off. The sub has also been bombarded with Redditors trying to post shit and get the sub taken down.

To think that the majority of the fanbase liked the leaks they heard is false. Look at YouTube to find out. If 1/3 of the fanbase is pissed off enough where they may not even consider buying the game, that's a LOT of people, even if it's not the majority, it's enough where they're opinion and thoughts matter.

Don't think of yourself as superior over anyone with criticism because your not. I for one have platinumed part 1 like many others in thelastofus2 sub and I have my questions about the leaks. Both subs are real for the games, both subs have REAL fans. Sorry if that angers you.

Like I said, I participate in both subs. One where I can actually express myself, the other to just hold on to hope for part 2.

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