And then we wonder by we have low self worth...anyone to remake this les albelist?

This is definitely missing some KEY elements of value but it’s also undoubtedly BETTER than the first circle which only lists job title and salary. These pie charts are easy to make! If you feel like you have a better idea of how to divide it, make one! It could go viral, you could post a better/best trio! I’d love to see it. My big lesson this year, that I’m still working on, is that I am not my productivity. I have a hard time. When I feel better, even for an hour, my brain immediately says, okay time to go back to work. Even though I never feel better for more than 5-6 hours a day, and never two days in a row. My 60 hour work week feels impossible to ever get back. But I want to get them back because I LOVE what I do. So this graphic in a way is relevant to me, even though it’s so incomplete. I’d love to see a more inclusive version.

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