[Theory] Derailing The Shanahan RB Hype Train

There's ways you can point situation in favor of Williams. Way you can point it in favor of McNichols

McNichols is backing up Martin, a suspended running back who turned 28 in January. I like Martin, but Hyde is about as good a player when healthy. Sims is on a contract year and has been ineffective as a runner and not that good in the pass game imo. Martin also has contract that can be void after this year.

Ones a 4th round pick. Ones a 5th. Meh. I mean there's rbs that go in the 7th and undrafted that get opportunity if they're good. I don't think either team spent so much on a guy (even tho I know Shanahan traded up for him) that the draft capital argument holds much water.

I watched all the film on the rbs on draft breakdown. This is how I had them ranked: [https://www.reddit.com/r/DynastyFF/comments/63dpmb/gallman_and_mcnichols_are_not_in_my_top_12_rb/].

Shanahan trading up to take Williams in the 4th doesn't mean much to me. I don't buy the narrative that he would have been a higher pick if not for character issues. I know Lynch had his board apparently because of commitment concerns, but I think that narrative may be a little overblown. With this RB class I don't think he would have gone much higher. Think a team that was willing to overlook him retiring from college football to deal with handling a death drafted him where he should be drafted (with or without character).

McNichols is second to only McCafrey in his route running. Arguably maybe better. He's excellent. Coming out of school his route running is as crisp as David Johnson (not saying he's the same player, and Jonson is taller and is the better receiver, just in terms of his routes).

Anyways I took who I thought was the better player. Both these guys went late in the draft I was in.

Hopefully Williams is great for those who took him. I just think there's some inflation going on because of he Shanahan "banging his hands on the table" narrative. How many people had them on their radar pre-draft? He was inside my top 20 rbs.

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