I have a theory: Something fishy is going on. This game does a bit *more* than pair you with similarly-skilled players to get your K:D to 1.0

Had a game on Akrlov Peak today where I sat behind the counter holding down the B flag with the P90 in domination and I went 37-4. My K/D in this game is a .95 so I was excited to see that I finally had a good game. Keep in mine this was a >25ms ping game.

Next game I got, was also on Akrlov Peak and this time it was a >75ms ping game. Tried the same strategy, my shots failed to register multiple times even when leading targets, I got shot through walls the enemy seen me behind but I never saw them, I was killed by an invisible player 5 times with the double barrel that seemingly appeared after he killed me or a teammate, I was killed by people aiming at the sky but their shots were hitting me, and I was killed by the VTOL shooting through buildings. I went 5-19 that game.

I turned off my PS4 and went to bed. This has been a repeating process for me. I get a few decent or good games and then get rammed in the ass until I decide to get off. Something weird is going on, and it's not fun.

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