[Theorycrafting] [PVE] [Warrior] [Berserker S/T] Looking For Build Help

 As the title says I'm looking for some help on the build I'm currently trying. Every time I try to google a build it's either for PvP or just brings up a bunch of Berserker items because Anet decided it was a good idea to name it after the most common set of items. 

Build: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAsfTnMdA9dglkCukCciglfA74NkCWaGPgAQD495ed7uA-TxRBQBNU9nroMjaKN83+DA4EA4sHAoHwMKBBA-e

 I've only done a few dungeons, some fractals 1-20 and generic world PVE stuff like Dragon Stand, Octovine, World Bosses etc... but it seems pretty fun. This is my second character so I'm starting off slow with Exotic items right now but if it ends up being worth while I can craft some Ascended. With that being said I could obviously switch my Sinsiter weapons and Berserker jewelry out for some Viper stuff to get a longer duration time but as of right now I have the Bleed lasting exactly 13 seconds. The duration on the link wont match up because that's Ascended over Exotic. (I have Viper Rings and Berserker Earrings, Backpack, Amulet but had to put in Sinisiter because I didn't see Viper)

 Firstly I was wondering how much crit is too much. I need a decent amount to keep up Precise Strikes, Furious, Rending Strikes & King of Fires but having Signet of Fury on my bars gives me about 50% crit while just standing around. Then you add in the Signet Precision 5 stacks and you're up to about 73.5%. Add on 20% on auto attacks via Blade Master to keep stacking Bleeds and you're nearly at 95% with your sword abilities and 75% on everything else without bringing in Fury. I mostly use it for the 30 Adrenaline to start off fights or when there's a lull I can instantly fill the bar up and start going to town. There are a few other abilities that add Adrenaline but not close to 30 but if there's something I've forgot let me know.

 Secondly I'm not married to Shattering Blow. I mostly put it on my bars because I saw it had a pretty long Bleed + the utility of a Reflect but the Reflect doesn't last that long and seems pretty tricky to use. I may just need to use it a bit longer to get used to it. Would it be better to just replace it with a Banner of Strength or another ability?

 Lastly let me know if I'm missing anything obvious. I'm far from some hardcore Warrior expert so there's probably some super obvious things that went right over my head when I was trying out something that wasn't the cookie cutter Phalanx build. I also understand that this isn't going to be the greatest build since it brings nothing but DPS to the table and I'm not even sure how great the DPS is.

 Thanks in advance!
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