Therapist only wants to talk about Perfectionism

Adhd is officially described with 3 subtypes. Before I got diagnosed with add (adhd-pi?) I would read the symptoms of these types every few years and come to the same conclusion. That it wasn't adhd that made me differ from others. It was until I found the subtypes of adhd described by Daniel Amen that I became convinced that it was adhd all that time. I must say that I'm very weary about self diagnosis. My boyfriend was even more. I let my boyfriend and my best friend read this division of types, seperately ofcourse, and asked their opinions. After reading it I asked them if could relate adhd to me and if so what type. My boyfriend immediately pointed out the type that made me think I have adhd. My best friend didn't point out one type. But I know why. At that time my largest struggles where only visible to my boyfriend. He was the only one I couldn't hide them from. I ended up getting diagnosed half a year later. This is two years ago. At that time anxiety was a huge issue for me. This is a lot less right now. I'm still struggling, but also still getting better. My anxiety and depression are like byproducts of my adhd. What I'm trying to say is that you might not recognise the mental illness/disorder at hand, in its general description or only the additional symptoms to the illness/disorder not being treated.

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