Why do therapists treat those with mental illnesses and the general public?

I think therapy is mostly scam mixed with a grain of truth. It provides a (very) comfortable life style to its practitioners but I imagine a long term study of its benefits would show the same dismal results as the AA.

Watch for example Kumare (YouTube ~ trailer 2'04"), a film about a man who set him self up as a fake guru with spectacular success; or The Great Happiness Space: tales of an Osaka love thief (IMdB) about power relations (and the gullibility of certain Japanese females) in Osaka clubs to realize the human capacity for self-delusion (/u/beast-freak included) is virtually infinite.

On the other hand I am committed to a life time of group therapy — the other members have pulled me out of some very dark places (it beats ER). While living south of the poverty line I have given (over the years) the therapist enough money to purchase a medium sized house.

True story: My first therapist fucked me on our first meeting. Things were a lot more free wheeling in those days. She was a dumpy middle aged woman and after an initial appraisal quickly determined that my sexual hang-ups were the root cause of my "issues." She asked me to take a shower; when I came out, she had transformed herself into a dominatrix. I got cuffed and she then proceeded to have her way with me.

Ah London. She conducted her "practice" from a luxury Edwardian building straight out of Hollywood. She never invoiced me but did phone a few times suggesting I needed more "therapy." She knew a group of "therapists" who had found my "case" of interest and would take me on pro-bono as it were.

I never went back. My self-hate was so strong in those days I didn't think a middle aged woman would find 24 year old me remotely interesting or attractive. This proved her diagnosis to be 100 percent correct and thus the tail-end of the sexual revolution passed me by.

Fond memories, tinged with regret I passed on my opportunity to play Anastasia to my Christian — when a student is ready the teacher appears, or so they say, but also Christ cometh but once in a man's lifetime.

I have been intending to post about this but no time to write now : (

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